Let us Introduce Ourselves

Suzha and Gregory

There are many facets to our being, as we know there are in you. Suzha and I, Gregory, have spent our lives in productive self-discovery and ongoing spirals of transformation. We know challenges and triumphs, and the elegant wonder of flowing through simple daily endeavors. We challenge each other and support each other in every way in which we are capable. 

Our lives have been blessed by love, teaching, learning, adventure, friendship, family, harmony and occasional chaos. We strive to turn all experiences into opportunities for growth, learning, transformation and integration. We are avid readers of many genres. We enjoy many types of artistic expression and creativity, particularly music of many flavors. 

We enjoy healthy organic food, much of which we grow ourselves. We take responsibility for our own Wellness, actively enjoying yoga, meditation, tai chi, dancing in sunshine, starlight or the rain, walks, playing, and sitting in nature, quiet and noisy times with friends, strangers and loved ones. We thrive, receiving nutrition, food, energy as pleasure and fuel for the body and soul, particularly with friends, loved ones and strangers. 

We are anointed with loving consciousness through everyday Life and Sacred Ceremony. We embrace all philosophies and religious viewpoints that are open to Universal connection and community.

We love to travel to mundane and exotic locales; singing, working and playing with the people we meet.

We love the Sacred Space we have created in our home, the creative community we co-create amidst the amazing splendor of our environment in Sedona, Arizona, USA.


Suzha Linch DuBois

Suzha has grown, throughout her life, organically, in ever increasing spiritual life awareness. She is a practicing Yogini, having studied and practiced for over 45 years. She knows that she is an Integral part of the greater Oneness that we all share and endeavors to share her knowledge, love and assistance with others towards Transformation. She lives for the Greatest Good of All, including our Environment and all components, great and small, that share this space.

She has a background in "Organization Development", also known as OD. She entered this field in production environments, interfacing with Human Resources and realized that she had a lot of interest and attributes that drove her success in this field. She continued her studies, and completed her Master of Science in Organization Development, a specific focus in Psychology. She has been working in this field, actively coaching CEO's, Executive Teams, colleagues and direct reports since 1986. Since moving full time to Sedona in 2001, she has been focused primarily on coaching and advising individuals from a personal and spiritual development perspective.

In the later 1990’s, Suzha was exposed to the unique Coaching philosophy of “The Coaches Training Institute”, and felt the resonance with herself and what she was doing professionally. She went through their extensive training process over the next few years, incorporating that philosophy and training into her work, professional development, and offerings to individuals. Since moving full time to Sedona in 2001, she has been focused primarily on coaching and advising individuals from a personal and spiritual development perspective.


Gregory Charles DuBois

Gregory is consciously aware of the Oneness within which we are All an Integral facet. Throughout his life, he has been blessed by unconditional Love from his family of origin and myriad others, who taught him, modeled ways to be, and encouraged him to grow, expand and share the wealth of his Being and spiritual inheritance with all.

He has spent over 10 formative years in a massive psychological study, the Character Research Project, by Ernest M Ligon, PhD, with the Psychology Department of Union College, in Schenectady, NY. The research project was designed to study human interaction, and further the understanding of how we can work together more effectively for “the Greatest Good of All”. His participation in this program, and that of his family, was instrumental in the development of his own character. His understanding of how his actions, response and involvement with others affected and “co-created” all environments in which he lived.

He Awakened to yoga, tai chi, mediation, mindfulness and nutritional, holistic Wellness as a young man. He knew that his primary orientation was dancing in the Awareness of his Integral Connection with Oneness, and that his life’s purpose was demonstrating that connection through Joy, Creative Communication, helping others, and Being creative in finding ways to enhance the lives of all. He began coaching from a “life purpose” and “spiritual” orientation as he was teaching life promoting practices in the 1970’s and has integrated that awareness and assistance to others throughout all activities in his life. 

Gregory has also spent professional years in corporate America, working in the travel industry, the hospitality field and primarily in Information Technology in Sales, Marketing and Consulting. Throughout this time, he utilized his deeper connection with all for the Win/Win philosophy in Business, Personal and Community Endeavors.

Gregory was introduced to the Co-Active Coaching philosophy, as taught by “The Co-Active Training Institute” through Suzha’s modeling, teaching and coaching. Understanding the beauty and truth of that approach to coaching, he dove into their training process and continued in their Certification Program.


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