Walking…silently, reverently, open, aware, all senses vibrating alert…

joy, beauty, excitement and peace are upon her

She moves through sacred space, capturing images of heart opening beauty and grace

The cactus and high desert plants thrive, native in their place

The wildlife… coyotes, bobcats, birds, amphibians, javelinas, lizards, snakes and 

all local creatures dance around her, 

living their lives in perfect harmony with the earth and her offerings

She moves upon/within Secret Mesa, a space near our home known only to locals and those fortunate to be led here…maps do not show it

This space remains a sacred place from which to gaze upon and immerse oneself in perfect vibrations of natural splendor

Rains have blessed this arid landscape, delivering sacred fluid of life…water… 

to all living entities here…

Cauldrons carved by wind and water in the massive fields of solid red rock 

hold pools scattered throughout

Reflections in the pools double the astounding beauty of this area, 

nature’s sculpture and painting for her to capture and share

her walk is meditation and dance… in harmony with divine forces…

This image, and others from this time and space, 

carry forth this sacred environment in a form to be shared and remembered… 

with certain souls, Blessed Beings like yourselves…

The Divine Source of all Being, you and us included, create this beauty and wonder…

she is honored and joyful to record this image and pass it on

May this image lend beauty and harmony to your lives

Know that it also, is a symbol of the sacred to us that we wish to share with you 

At this time of your union and as you grow forth in all of life’s adventure

We love you… You are part of our greater family

This is a humble gesture we offer to provide a link between us, may you always be reminded of our loving blessing and connection

May your lives be filled with Love, Light, Wonder and Joy 



I am that I am

I am positively addicted to natural splendor and adventures in growth.

I love and need to be hiking, kayaking, biking, doing tai chi with wind in my hair, feeling water splashing upon me, sun embracing my body, enjoying the laughter of friends and…

knowing ecstasy... Sitting quietly, Sun, Moon, Stars radiating upon my physical temple and spirit...tasting the exquisite manifestation of Oneness around me in quiet rustle of trees singing, wind caressing, water flowing, and…

to relinquish myself... breathing consciously, unlearning, remembering, endlessly becoming… as I adventure within and without, savoring full flavored spectrum of life itself...

I greet demons...The challenges we surely encounter… be they stepping stones to broader understanding.

I love the concept of balance, not to be confused with symmetry...quiet times, wild times, introspection and Showtime,

I love strength, weakness, intelligence, humor, adventure, truth, confidence enough to be myself and others I love.

Health and wellness, integrated and whole, body, mind and spirit are essential for my quality of life and the lives of those with whom I share.

Courage, integrity, strength to laugh at oneself are values I cherish.

I love the beauty within that radiates outward from my friends and family in all they do. Sharing a meal with friends and family is one of my most sacred acts...

I celebrate quiet time alone. I understand that comfort with one's own being is important, love of self, respect for self and others, pride in who we are...lending to confidence in one's embrace of life.

My life is endlessly and intimately enhanced to know Love and harmony with creatures, wild and domestic, 

our environment, grace our lives beyond…

Comfort with physical touch is essential

I am unafraid of nakedness of many sorts, body, mind and spirit...

playfulness in one's touch and physical interaction helps bring excitement and lubricates the passage through life.

A philosophical broad mindedness helps hurdle the speed bumps we encounter...again humor and thankfulness to celebrate our lives with those we love...

I thrive in mountains, rivers, natural settings...

I am energized by mysticism, concerts, theatre, sensitive talk among friends, books that entertain, move, inspire, lend to new places, joining different cultures, spending quiet quality at home, feeling warmth of fire in fireplace or camp, am harmonized by great music of many genres.

I gain fulfillment through personal effort navigating uncharted territory

I am satisfied by exquisite quality in certain endeavors

I… endeavor to care well for myself in all healthy, treat my living temple to life promoting practices…

I celebrate being with others in joyous union of spirit,

I am thankful for fullness of life and compassionate for those less fortunate,

Some of my favorite authors are Carl Hiaasen, Elmore Leonard, Tom Robbins, Lao Tse, Richard Wilhelm, Tony Hillerman, Michael Connelly, Harlan Coben, Lee Child, James Patterson, Jonathan and Faye Kellerman, J.A. Jance, Patricia Cornwell, Laura Lippman

I endeavor to work well, spread harmony, breathe deep, laugh loud, plan bold, dance with wolves, monkeys and jaguars, dream far, give big, love, feel loved...

Gregory Charles Du Bois, aka gcd