Something you want to Know about Coaching?


How is coaching done?

Coaching is done person to person, face to face, while walking in nature or shopping malls, sitting at a great coffee shop, over Video communication platforms like Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, and telephone; wherever and however both parties can meet and have a little uninterrupted time for communication. 

Initial Sessions are great if they can be done in person, however long distance communication is also a tremendously effective way to communicate.

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How much does it cost?

Everybody can find a way to Value coaching enough to co-create a  fair exchange. Costs depend on many factors, such as frequency of sessions, length of sessions, and economic realities of participants. Often a "sliding scale" of payment is offered. Barter for goods or services can be a valuable medium of exchange. As you understand the incredible Value, you Can and Do Find the Way to bring it into your life.

How long do the sessions last?

  • Initial Discovery sessions last from 1 to 2 hours.
  • Standard sessions are 30 or 45 minutes.
  • Longer sessions are 60 minutes.
  • Unique sessions can last 2 hours, in special circumstances.

How often are the sessions?

Sessions are typically weekly, every two weeks, or monthly, depending on Need, Desire, Flexibility and "Unknown Factors"

The Co-Active Training

Through Co-Active training, CTI is creating a transformative change in the way people relate to and work with each other. The work inspires people to feel engaged in and passionate about their life and work, see the good, get curious, create interactions unlike any other, become visionary, feel more alive, connect deeply to others, give real meaning to their lives, think much bigger, become great leaders and make a difference.

The Co-Active Model has spawned a philosophy, a methodology, a skill set and a communication form that is being applied in business, education, medicine, government, communities and families all around the world.